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Hermione Granger

Hermione Jean Granger
19 September 1979
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Name: Hermione Jean Granger.
Age: 18.
House: Formerly Gryffindor -- I doubt I will be returning to Hogwarts.
Affiliation: Harry and Ron are my first priority. Beyond that, I suppose I am affiliated to the Order of the Phoenix and will remain so for as long as their ideals and my own are consistent.
Date of birth/place: September 19th, 1979, London.
Distinguishing physical features: Busy brown hair.
Bloodline: Muggleborn, and very proud of the fact.
Occupation: Fugitive. I am proud of this too.

Wand: Vine wood, dragon heartstring.
Boggart: Failure. Having not encountered one recently, I am forced to concede that it may well have changed -- consciously I fear the death of my friends a great deal more than failure.
Patronus(if applicable): Otter

Likes: Learning, books and organisation are the obvious three, of course. Love would be another, however little I have found it yet. Safety, too, however distant a memory that is becoming.
Dislikes: Prejudice, servitude, injustice.
Personality in three words: Determined, fastidious, intelligent.

Father: Deceased.
Mother: Deceased.
Siblings: No biological siblings, although I consider Harry my brother.
Friends: Harry and Ron, first and always. Ginny, Neville and Luna are also considered friends.
Spouse/Lover: None.
Children: None.

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